Veteran Coach Praises Junior Team on Success

Tags:, , , , , ,   Posted on: October 21st, 2012

After a highly successful Cricket South America Under-13 Championships in Santiago, during which Peru’s youngsters came runners-up in both the T20 and Cricket Veloz tournaments, and captain Luis Paredes won three of the personal awards, co-coach John Bell reflects on the achievements of the Cricket Peru team and their support:

‘It is now a week since we went to Chile and participated in the U13 championship and my turn to reflect upon the excitement and our achievements;  adding a hearty “hear hear” to the many mails sent since our return.

We were only in Chile  for 3½ days which seemed like much longer yet passed very quickly.

Each player became part of the team and contributed in the field, by bowling,  batting and supporting.  Each player had magic moments and the team did brilliantly, giving ourselves a chance to win the final against ArgentinaEach player has personal and shared moments to cherish. “Marvellous”! 

Harry (Hildebrand) did an amazing job putting the tour together and Nick (Barsby) did a fabulous job as coach.

The support we had from the parents and their family (or friends) was truly tremendous, contributing to the excitement and the achievement of the team.

I enjoyed participating, watching us succeed, pick ourselves up from set-backs, and always learning, trying to improve;  in loss,  disappointed,  generous,  and ready to move on.

We were good and we will be even better.  Well done … as individuals and as a team.

I look forward to some fierce, but friendly, inter-school, competitions in the coming months.

THANK YOU. I was, and am, proud to have been associated with the tour and you all.’