Two Cricket Peru coaches attend ICC course in Brasilia

  Posted on: April 24th, 2011

Cricket Peru was delighted to send two young coaches to the ICC Level 1 Coaching Course in Brasilia, held from April 2nd – 4th, 2011, and run by ICC Americas Regional Development Officer, Wendell Coppin. Wendell represented the Young West Indians, as well as playing Minor Counties Cricket in England during his playing career, before becoming a well-respected coach. Here is a report from Nicholas Barsby about the experience:

‘As the two Cricket Peru development coaches, myself and Vishal Vaidya were given the chance to participate in the ICC’s Level 1 coaching course as taught by the ICC Americas development program. Leaving at 1 am on Friday 1st April, we arrived in sunny Brasilia in the early hours and somehow navigated our way to the home of one of the Cricket Brasil players with whom we would be staying. After a day of sightseeing around Brasilia, we caught up on much-needed sleep, ready for the first day of the course.

The first day, Saturday, focussed on coaching techniques: ways in which to hold a session; theories regarding the act; and ideas behind our jobs as coaches. Each member was given a chance to practice these skills, holding a small session aiming to include each member while creating an atmosphere of understanding and clarity about the activity.

After a delicious lunch, courtesy of the ICC, we moved on to batting skills. Basic aspects of body shape, balance and movements were covered, leading to further activities designed to put into practice each movement: extremely helpful as this offered a detailed insight as to how to explain to a learning player exactly why we get into certain positions.

The rest of the day continued to focus on front foot and back foot movements and shots, using varied techniques and exercises.

The second day, Sunday, focussed on bowling, and the way to position the body so that one does not put at risk any parts of the body. Demonstrations followed by physical practice enabled us to see in order to learn exactly how to explain to someone bowling, why they should move in a certain way.

We followed the bowling with a wicket-keeping session after lunch, an extremely interesting insight into movement, positioning and glove work, something that was very new to me, even though I have often tried to keep wicket - generally unsuccessfully!

The third and final day, Monday, honed in on the basic, but vital, aspects of fielding, throwing, catching and eventually, everything together, as practiced in a hectic indoor match.

The course was finished by a general discussion about how to use the skills learnt and to move the coaching forward, implementing new exercises.’