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7th South American Championship, Lima, 2007

The South American Championships were held over the Easter weekend at Lima Cricket & Football Club and Markham College, with Guyana Masters emerging triumphant in the final.7th South American Championships, April 2007 - Guyana Masters

The tournament also featured, Argentina A, ICC affiliate members Brazil and Chile, and non-ICC members Ecuador and hosts Peru.

The winning Guyana Masters team, made up of former Guyana cricketers, included Sunil Dhaniram, who had just been representing Canada at the World Cup, where he had a batting average of 81.00 (See BBC Report). Another on the Guyanan team was Faoud Bacchus, who played 48 times for the West Indies between 1978 and 1982 (See Report). With that sort of quality in the side, Peru’s slender hopes of success rested on Lima’s legendary nightlife, but not even that could undermine the Guyanese, as they won all their three games at a canter to claim the trophy.

The tournament started on Thursday the 5th, with Chile beating Peru and Argentina A beating Brazil. Friday saw Guyana Masters beating Chile and Brazil beating Ecuador. The group stage then concluded on Saturday with Peru losing to Guyana Masters and Argentina A beating Ecuador.

Sunday saw the 3rd place play off and final. Chile beat Brazil to secure third place, whilst Guyana Masters beat Argentina in the final, leaving the final standings as follows:

1. Guyana
2. Argentina
3. Chile
4. Brazil
5. Peru
6. Ecuador


Day 1: 5th April, 2007: Peru v Chile; Argentina A v Brazil

Peru lost to Chile by 9 wickets
Lima Cricket & Football Club (LCFC)
Peru: 86 (31 overs)
Chile: 87/1 (26 overs)

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Argentina A beat Brazil by 9 wickets
Markham College
Brazil: 94
Argentina A: 95/1

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Day 2: 6th April, 2007: Guyana Masters vs Chile; Brazil vs Ecuador

Chile lost to Guyana Masters by 110 runs
Markham College
Guyana Masters: 280/8 (40 overs)
Chile: 170/7 (40 overs)

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Brazil beat Ecuador by 100 runs
Brazil: 239/9 (40 overs)
Ecuador: 139 (31 overs)

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Day 3: 7th April, 2007: Ecuador vs Argentina; Peru vs Guyana Masters

Argentina A beat Ecuador by 8 wickets338232358108_0_ALB
Markham College
Ecuador: 86
Argentina A: 87/2 (20 overs)

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Peru lost to Guyana Masters by 92 runs
Guyana Masters: 284/4 (40 overs)
Peru: 192

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Day 4: 8th April, 2007: Brazil vs Chile; Argentina A vs Guyana Masters

Brazil lost to Chile by 49 runs7th South American Championships, April 2007 - Guyana Masters v Argentina
Markham College
Chile: 247/7 (40 overs)
Brazil: 198

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Argentina A lost to Guyana Masters by 148 runs
Guyana Masters: 204 (38 overs)
Argentina A: 56

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