Men’s Cricket

Peru has traditionally held an 8-10 week season at the Lima Cricket and Football Club (LCFC) from February until Easter. The Annual Easter tournament has often involved invited teams (often Chile or Guyanan masters).
The advantage of playing cricket in Peru is that play is never lost to rain!

The most important regular matches on the calendar were traditionally the British Ambassador’s XI vs President of the LCFC XI and India/Pakistan vs Rest of the World.

In November 2006, a uniquely Peruvian cricket form, Cricket Veloz, was introduced to the cricketing calendar, and the Chimu Adventures Cricket Veloz Trophy has been hotly contested every year since. Originally designed as a four-team, indoor tournament, in 2009 it was rebranded as an outdoor 6-a-side festival, with great success, fitting nicely into the 150th Anniversary celebrations of the LCFC.

The Cricket Peru National Twenty20 Tournament began in 2007 and four teams fought it out for the Cup. In 2010, the Twenty20 Championship was expanded to eight teams, with each of the below four clubs fielding two sides.

The four local teams are:

  • The Kiteflyers: a multinational local football team founded in 1981.
    • In 2007, the Kiteflyers, captained by Chris Abbott, won the inaugural Twenty20 Championship.
    • Later the same year, they won the Cricket Veloz Tournament
  • Eidgenossen: a team made up mainly of teachers from local British schools
    • Eidgenossenschaft is a German word meaning confederation. The term literally translates as “oath fellowship”. An Eidgenossenschaft is a confederacy of equal partners, which can be individuals or groups such as states, formed by a pact sealed by a solemn oath. Such an alliance could be either time-limited or unlimited (or “eternal”). An important characteristic is that the partners were always considered equal, in contrast to the oath of fealty in feudal societies with their strict hierarchies. As a political term, it is used most often as a synonym for Switzerland, whose official German name is “Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft”, usually translated as Swiss Confederation. An Eidgenosse is a member of an Eidgenossenschaft, and is an expression for “Swiss citizen”.
    • Winners of the Cricket Peru National Twenty20 Tournament in 2008 – See report
    • Winners of 2008 Chimu Adventures Cricket Veloz Trophy – See report


  • Chak De: a team made up of Peruvian residents from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
    • ‘Chak De’ means ‘let’s go’ in Punjabi.
    • Winners of the Chimu Adventures Twenty20 Trophy in 2009.
    • Winners of the Caledonian International Super 8s Plate in 2010.
  • LCFC: members and invited players from the Lima Cricket and Football Club 11558_339752225576_597480576_9780753_7792107_n
    • Currently enthusiastically captained by Julian Walter
    • Winners of 2009 Chimu Adventures Cricket Veloz Trophy.
    • Winners of 2010 Caledonian International Twenty20 Trophy.
    • Winners of 2010 Chimu Adventures Twenty20 Shield.

TACNA LogoTacna, in the south of Peru, also has a team, the Tacna Tigers, which  is considered Cricket Peru’s fifth team, and provides a number of players for the national side.

In 2010, they had a very successful Easter tour to Lima, taking on Chak De and also the Llamas, winning two of their three games.
The Tigers also regularly play against Iquique, a city across the border in Chile - See report.

There is still plenty of opportunity for social cricket with more than half of the season’s games being ‘friendlies’, such as the Viv Ash Cuba Libre Invitational (Download PDF Report) . These games are a great opportunity for players of all abilities to get together and hone their skills, prior to the start of the Twenty20 league.