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Eidgenossen CC

Eidgenossen_logo_ECC_purple_LatestEidgenossen: a team made up mainly of teachers from local British schools.

  • Eidgenossenschaft is a German word meaning confederation. The term literally translates as “oath fellowship”. An Eidgenossenschaft is a confederacy of equal partners, which can be individuals or groups such as states, formed by a pact sealed by a solemn oath. Such an alliance could be either time-limited or unlimited (or “eternal”). An important characteristic is that the partners were always considered equal, in contrast to the oath of fealty in feudal societies with their strict hierarchies. As a political term, it is used most often as a synonym for Switzerland, whose official German name is “Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft”, usually translated as Swiss Confederation. An Eidgenosse is a member of an Eidgenossenschaft, and is an expression for “Swiss citizen”.
  • Winners of the Cricket Peru National Twenty20 Tournament in 2008 – See report
  • Winners of 2008 Chimu Adventures Cricket Veloz Trophy – See report
  • Winners of 2011 & 2012 Caledonian International Super 8 Plate
  • Winners of 2011 & 2012 Tim Bayly Cricket Veloz Trophy
  • Captains:
    •  2006 - 2011: John Bell, a teacher at Cambridge College and founder of Eidgenossen
    • 2012-2013: Chris ‘Enigma’ Mahoney
    • 2014: Co-Captains - Ian Roughton and Steve Hallett
    • 2015: Ian Roughton
    • 2016: Lawrence Hill
  • The development side was called Lederhosen!

Eidgenossen players who have represented Peru in ICC Internationals:

  • Simon Walter (7 caps)
  • John Bell (5)
  • Gary Sargent (3)
  • Nick Appleyard (2)
  • Alejandro Tirado (1)

Winners of 2008 Cricket Veloz Championship