Cricket Peru President congratulates Llamas on outstanding performance in ICC tournament

  Posted on: March 17th, 2011

199986_10150105931762102_547017101_6798721_167847_n‘Today, rather than celebrate the birth of the leprechauns, we celebrate the incredible performance of our ‘Llamas’ in the ICC Americas Division III Tournament in Costa Rica.  No one, not even a optimist like myself, could have predicted a performance as phenomenal as the one we have watched from our ICC Americas website … madly refreshing to see the next over scores.

 We have no idea of the conditions, although we have heard whispers of strong winds and slow outfields to explain the low scoring, but how can you explain all of the run outs?  The bowling in figures alone has been outstanding - the averages will be ridiculous.  The batting seems to have been gritty, with the exception of the fireworks in the Falklands game, but always we were set up with wickets in hand in order to do that.

The pain I have endured not taking part in this tournament is still there: it has been a long fight for Peruvian success and not to be on the field when it happened pains me … and perhaps Jorge Pancorvo and Hans de Wit and some other old bodies (Gary Sargent perhaps). But, we are so proud of you guys and we hope you are celebrating St Patricks Day appropriately. I can imagine Chris Abbott just mumbling a whole load of shite as I type!  

Hats off to the players and their amazing deeds.DSC_1639

Hats off to Nick Barsby and Vishal Vaidya for their coaching.

Hats off to Chris Hodgson for being the Manager of the Year.

Hats off to Miles Buesst and Mike Soulsby for their leadership.

CONGRATULATIONS. You all deserve a ticker tape parade on return. You won’t get one … but one day … one day … Peruvian cricket teams may….

Safe home.

Harry Hildebrand.’

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