Cricket Cusco launches indoor cricket

Tags:, ,   Posted on: March 26th, 2010

The newest Cricket Peru franchise, Cricket Cusco, had their first indoor cricket tournament on Tues, 2nd Feb, 2010 at Marianito Ferro Sports Hall in Wanchaq, and it was a great success.  It also saw the inauguration of Peru’s first home-made spring-loaded stumps, designed and built by Gary Sargent’s father-in-law! So successful have these stumps proved that Cricket Lima has commissioned a batch!!

The format was as follows: 8 players; 4 batting pairs, batting for 6 overs each, each bowler bowling one over at each pair; wides counting for 1; getting out costing the pair 5 runs.


  • Matt Wise and Dougie Stewart: 76 runs
  • Gary Sargent and Doug Newton (Doug was drunk and fielding with a beer can): 67 runs
  • Mark Green and Aaron Liersemann: 42 runs
  • Rolf Stanley and Zack Lanham: 17 runs

NB.  One ball lost in a flood-damaged house and several indoor football players hit!