Charity Christmas Cricket Match

Tags:, ,   Posted on: December 19th, 2010

In keeping with the much-loved Peruvian tradition of the chocolatada, whereby a Christmas party is thrown for children, with food and gifts, Cricket Peru committee member, Julian Walter, decided to organize a charity cricket match at Lima Cricket Club, on Sun, Dec 12th, 2010, with all proceeds going to the International Congregation of the Good Shepherd. This is a mainly English-speaking congregation, which has a wonderful social programme of assisting children who are HIV positive.

How it worked: all the game’s participants had to pay a donation to play, and then Julian had created an extensive fines system, in keeping with the finest traditions of many touring cricket sides throughout the ages. Armed with this, he was able to extract further cash from the players, scorers and umpires for their actions before, during and after the game!

A great meeting of two fine traditions, with the net result that the Good Shepherd is able to build new cupboards in their care home with the proceeds.

The fact that the twenty over match was a hum-dinger, with the side batting second falling a mere 4 runs short, in the final over, having looked certain to win right up until the 19th over, was merely the icing on the cake of an excellent day. For Julian’s full report on the match, click here.

Congratulations to Julian for designing the concept, publicizing it and then making it work on the day.