AGM 2012 Celebrates Hugely Successful Season

Tags:, , ,   Posted on: November 11th, 2012

On Wednesday, 7th November, Cricket Peru held its Annual General Meeting & Awards Ceremony at Lima Cricket Club. The event was well-attended, enticed by the prospect of fish & chips and a good-humoured analysis of what has been widely-deemed as the most successful season in living memory.

The evening even featured a poetry-recital by Cricket Peru’s Development Officer, Nicholas Barsby, entitled ‘Ode to a Cabbage Patch‘ (a reference to the somewhat spongy nature of the Lima Cricket Club wicket, I believe):

‘As this AGM awards ceremony is about to get under way,

There are just a few things I would like to say.

We’re all cricketers here, which gives me good reason,

To go through a little review of our previous season.


Another Cricket Peru season came to an end,

Giving our aching bodies a chance to mend.

Shoulders, legs and bottoms underwent some grounding,

Yet it’s our livers which really took a pounding.


Topless Armwrestling, one hell of an invention,

Urinating in the bush was never the Enigma’s intention.

Gary’s car window smashed, and Garth’s finger the same,

Cricket Peru 2012, was certainly not tame.


It rained fours and sixes, for 3 months and a week,

Of all our bottoms, Christine’s had a peek.

Camera in hand, lenses clicking and snapping away,

Three cheers for her, for capturing each day.


We gained an umpire, controversial at times,

Lets just say ‘delicious’, for the purpose of rhymes.

There every Sunday, on time and without fail,

His final challenge of the season, saw a topless Roger prevail.


In the Amistad Cup, Brazil came and played,

Topless Armwrestling champs, Cricket Peru stayed!

Yeah we lost the cricket, but there’s always next year,

We secretly wanted The Spork with us here!


Baggy greens for the Aussies, one hell of a shout,

England winning the Ashes … that was never in doubt.

Blood, wickets, sledging, cricket ALWAYS wins,

Shame that Mahoney on that day, began payment for his sins.


Memorable moments, where to commence?

The emergence of Don Draper… something immense…

Batsman supreme and Don Juan, from heaven sent?

Ladies followed him, wherever he went!


John Bell’s captaincy, like his batting, smooth and efficient,

Mr. Sanfords umpiring course, something a little different…!

Temperatures rose, as the slides progressed,

Don’t argue with the Sandman or you gonna get messed!


The Body yo-yo’d up and down Peru like a classical toy,

Mystery Wicket keeper – now THAT was his ploy!


The SAC in Chile: Cameron Smith we missed you,

The Great White Hope(less) arriving half way through,

Brazilian cheerleaders and the rise of The Concept,

Off the field, Peru were anything but inept!


Drinking from boxes…… points at stake …

Sharples pulling a pube from his teeth … THAT, one cannot fake!

Baxter in lingerie in an underground dive,

Hans on a drip for 4 days, barely escaped alive!!


Mentioning some cricket, I guess should be done,

Our season was actually serious, not just some fun.

Louis with the bat, a danger to all,

Just ask Garth Lawrence, who got smacked with the ball.


Miles Buesst also, showed us plenty of class,

As Christine sat there taking photos … of Gary’s arse.

James King played well, rarely putting a foot wrong,

Yet that father-son partnership never lasted very long.


Thankyou Juliet, as always, for the scoring and support,

Was easy for Cameron’s batting as she always put nought…(haha)

Lima CC’s Cricketers Arms embraced us a bit,

Some more than others, but who gives a sh*t?!

One doesn’t need booze to have a good day,

But there’s just one thing I would like to say:


The shenanigans and cricket sure give me reason,

To say SALUD… and here’s to another – hopefully great – season!!’