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Tours to Peru

The first match of a Peruvian team against a foreign team was against Sir Pelham Warner’s MCC side on its way back from Australia, via Chile and Peru, in 1927.LCFC v MCC, 1927

In the 1960s and 70s, there were regular visits by touring teams including the New Zealand Ambassadors (twice), who featured Walter and Dayle Hadlee, the father and brother, respectively, of the great Richard Hadlee.

We were also visited by a team from Marin County, California, a very mixed, international group, whose outstanding player was Ken Serpanque, a Sri Lankan who hit the ball with intense and dangerous ferocity!

In 1974, the Australian Old Collegians came on tour. We also had a highly enjoyable visit by a varied bunch from Hong Kong, called The Mandarins, which included a high court judge, a banker from Bahrain and a Queensland sheep farmer. Lima retained its honour with a 9th wicket stand of 80 runs, but this was not enough to turn the match in our favour.

In 1978, Lima was visited by one of the friendliest teams ever, the Quid Nuncs, former Cambridge Blues. One of their larger members scattered the players on the Bowling Green with a prodigious six.

1979 saw the visit of a Derrick Robbins XI, which, so he said, was the best under-22 year old side in England, missing only David Gower and Chris Tavare, who were not in the party. Nonetheless, a number of future England internationals were in the squad, including Bill Athey and Andy Lloyd. Not surprisingly, they proved too strong for the Lima team in both games they played! Scorecards:
Game 1: March 3rd, 1979
Game 2: March 4th, 1979

Caracas Sports Club visited in 1980 and proved too strong for Lima. Their team included Tony White, who played for the West Indies in 1963 and six years for Barbados.

There was a lull in visiting teams until 1995, when Brazil and Chile visited at Easter for a tri-nation competition. This was an exciting event, won by Chile, with Peru second. It was also the blueprint for the South American Championship (SAC), which was first contested in December of the same year, in Buenos Aires, with Argentina as a 4th team.

The SAC has been contested regularly since, being hosted in Lima, in 1999, 2007 and 2014; and so 1995 really marks the beginning of the modern era in Peruvian cricket.

The 1999 SAC in Lima marked the first appearance in the championship of the Guyana Masters, who have boasted many ex-internationals in their side, over the years, including Faoud Bacchus, of the West Indies, and Sunil Dunhiram of Canada. We have been honoured to welcome them to Lima on three separate occasions (see photo below).

Interest in touring Peru has never been greater, with teams keen to combine good, convivial cricket (and nightlife!) in Lima with a visit to Peru’s well-known tourist attractions, including of course, Cusco and Machu Picchu. This is exactly what the Hollywood Golden Oldies did on their tour in March, 2009, as did two touring teams from Australia: Wheatons CC from Armidale in November, 2011 and Cricketers Club of New South Wales in April, 2012. Here is what they had to say about the experience: CCNSW Thank You Letter

For an example of the sort of itinerary that could easily and economically be put together for you, click here.Peru v Guyana Masters, April 2003