VALUES OF CRICKET- What are we bringing to Peru and what is our mission?

Cricket is a sport which contributes something special to the Peruvian culture.

In a country that is football mad, it can be a challenge to introduce other sports, but cricket is really a sport which gives something back, and Cricket Peru is passionate about pioneering the values of cricket into Peruvian society through our development programs.

Cricket above all is a team sport that practices respect and discipline. You must practice patience, you must learn how to focus, and you must learn how to communicate effectively and respectfully in all elements of the game. These values are extremely good qualities to develop in kids from an early age.

In cricket the umpire’s decision is respected, and you cannot shut him/her down if a decision does not go your way. Cricket teaches kids how to accept the trials in life and helps to build a positive attitude in spite of the challenges.

The amount of positive change we have seen amongst the cricket community is a testament to the power of sport and the power of cricket.

At Cricket Peru our mission is to encourage more people to play cricket.
To develop cricket across schools all over Lima, be it private or state, we give the same opportunities to everyone.
To meet ICC Criteria and continue a sustainable development pathway for cricket in Peru.

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Our Vision

We hope to continue developing cricket across Lima, but our ultimate vision, outside of Cricket Peru entering into the ICC World Cricket League, is to expand cricket across all of Peru and not just Lima so that we can really see and develop the full potential of talent in this country.
We will continue developing Peruvian cricket coaches so that we can enable this vision.
For the far future the goal is for Cricket Peru to keep advancing up the ICC Member Tier Chart and eventually become a Full Member.

To adhere to the ICC Members’ Charter.

Annual Statement of Objective

2019 is an important year for Cricket Peru. We believe we have made great strides in the development of cricket in Peru in the past 3 years especially and we are extremely proud of hosting junior tournaments in 2010 and 2011 and 2014. We are also very excited to host the South American Championships this year in Lima in September and October.

For 2019 our aim to is continue developing cricket at grassroots level across public and private schools alike. We have made huge progress in training Peruvian teachers over the past 2 years and we are focused on providing them with the appropriate environment to prosper and develop their own teaching philosophy.
In order to continue the rise of Peruvian cricket, and to qualify for ICC Americas international tournaments, we need to keep increasing participation in cricket at grassroots level and to create a sustainable pathway for the future.

We are working hard to make this years South American Championships the biggest event in Peruvian cricket history. We are looking forward to showing off the talent we have in Peru.