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Cricket Peru Summer Academy in Magdalena

  Posted on: February 26th, 2015

The 2014 Magdalena Project Mass Participation Event initiative not only paved the way to hold weekly classes at Coliseo Chamochumbi, but also for cricket to be a highly successful Summer Academy activity.

Throughout January and February, Cricket Peru has held twice-weekly two hour classes with Magdalena’s youth. With participating numbers of between 25 and 43 budding young participants in each class, Cricket Peru has been able to take raw talent and mould it into effective cricket players and teams via a number of activities and matches. These have introduced basic skills and match dynamics to children between the ages of 5 and 15.

Volunteer coach, Julian Walter, summed up the experience by remarking that, “seeing these kids take on a new sport and learning to work together as a team has been extremely rewarding. The fact that they have become more socially-aware individuals while enjoying playing cricket has been the high point of my summer”.

Cricket Peru wishes to especially thank the Magdalena Municipality for its generous support, as well as to Julian Walter, for his unswerving enthusiasm, Mauricio Rivas, Alex Rapp, Sadie Rodea, The Yarna family – Trish, Caitlan and River – as well as all other volunteers for their excellent work as coaches.

A special thank you must go to Maritza Maldonado whose constant support, both on and off the pitch, were invaluable, especially the greatly appreciated end-of-session ‘marcianos’, which the kids gleefully tucked into.

Cricket Peru is continuing its actions in the Magdalena Community throughout the year. If your children would like to join in, or you would like to volunteer for Cricket Peru activities, please contact