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Convincing win for Tigers in first ‘TacnAshes’

  Posted on: November 15th, 2010

Tacna Tour 2010-8Despite losing by 5 wickets to Tacna Tigers in the first-ever game of cricket at Tacna’s Jorge Basadre Stadium on Sunday, Nov 14th, 2010, Miles Buesst, captain of the Lima Llamas, deemed the weekend in Tacna to be a great success, and one that he hoped would be repeated on an annual basis.

The 20,000-seater stadium was only filled to a fraction of its capacity, but among those watching was the Mayor of Tacna, Fidel Carita, the head of the Instituto Peruano del Deporte, Sra. Lidia Barahona, and TV Tacna, with a four camera TV crew, filming the entire game.

Correo de Tacna, Sat 13th Nov, 2010The Lima team had warmed up on Saturday with three games of tapeball cricket at ZoFraTacna, in which the locals’ far greater experience of the game proved decisive on all three occasions. A great learning experience for the Llamas!

Many thanks to Syed Nayyar for all his help in arranging the weekend; and to the rest of the Tacna cricket community for their outstanding hospitality.

For a detailed report on the weekend, by blog monkey Julian Walter, click here.